Bertolotti Disposal is a locally family owned business

Bertolotti Disposal is a locally, family owned business which has provided services to cities in Stanislaus County for over 50 years. Bert Bertolotti started working in the waste industry in 1952 for the former Modesto Disposal. In 1972 he started his first of six corporations, Bertolotti Ceres Disposal, Inc. Since then he has secured franchises in the cities of Ceres, Newman, Modesto, Patterson, and Stanislaus County. Each corporation is locally owned and operated. In 1989 Mr. Bertolotti opened the Bertolotti Transfer Station located at 231 Flamingo Drive in Modesto to serve as corporate headquarters and receives waste from various cities and the general public.

We at Bertolotti Disposal value our relationships with our Cities and view them as a partnerships. We are a local company and our survival relies on servicing in a manner that fosters strong relationships with our Cities and Customers.

Because of the hard work from our devoted employees we are honored to service over 50,000 customers weekly. At the same time, we actively strive to help your neighborhoods through numerous local charities, sponsorships, and community outreach.

From the Bertolotti Disposal family and staff, we would like to thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Put waste in the right place

Cities We Service

City of Newman
City of Patterson
City of Ceres